I started Balance My Life some time ago as a resource for women. To promote a healthy lifestyle, local female business owners while hosting local events to help promote the beautiful City I live in – Oakville. The business was great, the women and businesses loved the events – but I got busy with my other passion Kiwibcreative and couldn’t juggle it all.

FAST FORWARD to the Pandemic of 2020!

I think we can all say that life has really slowed down…I learned that NOT BEING BUSY is really good for me.

I started looking at my lifestyle (I am on a wine sabbatical for a year), my health (dropped 30 lbs) and my relationships. Which brought me to this place. I turned 50 last year, partied like I was 20 for a year and now I need to rest up, and I figure this is a good time to do just that since I can’t go away 🙂

So during COVID I have been cooking – eating at home (probably why I lost 30 lbs) and spending lots of time SEARCHING for recipes. But when I found a recipe I liked, I would print it out and then make it – and whether we loved or hated the meal I would keep the piece of paper with the recipe in a pile – but forget where it was later! I am also always asked for my recipes so I thought, once I have tested a receipe, tweaked a recipe (to my liking) I will post it so

A – I can find it again

B – so my friends can make it

C – so one day my kids can make our fav family recipes and have a place to go find them.