To my 40 year old self…

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have have always gotten”

– Tony Robbins

40 – wow seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?

When I saw this photo of me (left) at 40 it brought back some memories – don’t I look happy (not), and I thought I would share them with you now that I am 51. Had I known then what I know now I would have done some things differently. I don’t have regrets – I just wish someone had nudged me a little more….so here is YOUR NUDGE.

  1. Just do it! Do it now, don’t put it off…
  2. Your children are going to grow up really really quickly – don’t try to rush it (I never listened to this)
  3. Enjoy what you have and the body you are in…you are fabulous so don’t put off wearing that bikini or that dress (I haven’t worn this dress since that photo at 41)
  4. Don’t spend your life “starting on Monday”
  5. Speak up! I never did – I let people walk all over me
  6. Stop listening to everyone else – only you know what is best for you and your family
  7. Stop drinking….just stop. They tell you it will make you a better mom and take the edge off those bad days. It doesn’t….it just makes it worse
  8. Everything has a way of working out…

DO it NOW!!!! Don’t wait for Monday, don’t wait for the New Year, don’t wait until you lose 10 lbs, don’t wait until the kids are older….don’t wait!

I don’t have regrets…. although I know had I stopped “putting it off” (ie: my #winemom mentality) I would I have enjoyed the last 10 years even more.

So for the 40 year olds with younger kids, that think you are going to be tired and stretched thin for the rest of your life? You won’t….it changes in the blink of an eye and if you are sober you will be able to enjoy it even more – NOT DRINKING … makes you not need a drink! I know weird right. Get off the hamster wheel…so in ten years you aren’t wishing you had back then.

So just a side note on the 41 year old photo. I remember that day. I knew I had the photo shoot coming up in a few weeks, I was feeling crappy about myself (as usual) so I googled – HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST : ( yup that was me! So probably went on the “salad and chardonnay” diet…which was a constant loop with me….again that hamster wheel I was on. GET OFF IT!

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