My Weight Days

It was weight day today.

Do you think you need to do hours of cardio? Ya so did I. Now I only do a few short HIIT sessions a week and focus more on weights.

No I am not going to the gym and lifting 100s of lbs (although these days I feel I could :).

I use 8/10/15 and 20s and have noticed a huge huge difference in my shape and strength 💪

I know we are all busy “blah blah blah 🤪” - we all have to make time for our health... now more then ever.

And when you are over 50 like me, those weights will keep you healthy for years to come;

  • increases bone mass
  • lowers risk of osteoporosis and fractures
  • increase mobility and flexibility
  • easier on your joints
  • decreases the appearance of lose skin
  • increases metabolism

Below are a couple of my go to trainers that I follow on you tube and I have added a few of my fav workouts. I do weights 3 times a week - nothing too heavy or long. If I can do it so can you!!!