Eat when hungry – meal prep

EAT WHEN HUNGRY. It’s a weird concept for me to be honest. Growing up we at breakfast lunch and dinner at the same time every day (hungry or not).

Fast track to last year and for the most part I was still doing the same thing ? mindlessly eating because it was “time”

Now I make time to eat when I am hungry instead. I accomplish that by always always always having lots of pre-prepped foods.

Below is a list of what I cook on Sunday so I have it to make bowls and salads all week…. any time of day ?

  1. Hummas
  2. Roasted beets (just olive oil, rosemary and salt – 50 mins at 450 – flip a few times)
  3. Roasted sweet potatoes (just olive oil and salt – 40 mins at 450 – flip once)
  4. Cooked quinoa
  5. Cooked brown rice
  6. Kale (washed and cut into bite size pieces)
  7. Soup – I always have a pot in the fridge with squash or chickpea soup
  8. Roasted cauliflower (just olive oil and salt – 20 mins at 450 – flip once)
  9. Roasted chickpeas
  10. Pickled Onions

Multiple bowls/salads can be made from a combination of these ingredients – my fav type of eating.


  1. Kashi coconut granola bars
  2. PB+Banana Ice Cream
  3. Energy Bites

Being prepared has really helped me eat properly and eat well!!