By Claudine DeJong

My clients often ask me about protein powders and if I can recommend one.  While I am not a big advocate of protein powders it is one of the most popular supplements in our society today.  These powders can come from a variety of different sources and a number of unique manufacturing processes.  I prefer to get my protein from real food as most commercial protein powders are filled with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) plus artificial sweeteners and preservatives that are highly toxic within the body.  The majority of protein powders also contain soy, egg, wheat gluten, and whey.  These ingredients are highly allergenic and promote inflammatory reactions in the body.   So here we go again, thinking that we are doing something healthy for the body which in fact we are doing the very opposite.

If you want to up your protein then my suggestion to you is to add hemp seeds into your diet.  Since Hemp seeds are a whole food they are the cleanest complete protein available on the market today.   Just 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds will give you 14 grams of protein plus they are a super source of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids helping you to keep regular, fueled, and healthy.

Smoothie Recipes

Strawberry Banana Hemp Seed Smoothie

1 handful of frozen of fresh strawberries

1 banana

1 cup of coconut milk or almond milk

2 tbsp hemp seeds

Blend until Smooth

Almond Butter and Banana Smoothie

1 banana

1 cup of Almond or Coconut milk

1 tablespoon of all natural Almond Butter

1 tablespoon of hemp seeds (optional)


Blend until smooth


I hope I have convinced you to give up the powders and get back to real food.  Your body will thank you!



claudine-de-jongClaudine de Jong 42 year old mother of three, business owner, personal trainer, group fitness leader, schwinn spin cyclist, nutritional counsellor and motivational speaker brings over 20 years of experience to the fitness industry. Having trained with some of the most elite fitness experts in North America, Claudine has designed and created a style of training that will develop a stronger core, smarter muscles, better endurance and an overall sense of well being. www.slimdowninc.com