I went to camp last weekend. No, I wasn’t volunteering at Brownie camp (though I did when my kids were little). This was a women’s retreat at Camp Wanakita, near Haliburton.

I have to confess that I hesitated (for an entire year) before agreeing to “give up” my precious weekend, but I’m so glad that I did.

It was a weekend of complete and utter self-nurturing – nature walks, meditation, archery, yoga, music, art, camaraderie. chakra dancing (!), retail therapy, and…perhaps…a little (very loud) singing and dancing under the stars. For the 107 participants, another key piece of the self-love was enjoying food that SOMEONE ELSE had lovingly & carefully prepared.

As I drove home – happy and rejuvenated  – I asked myself,

“How do I make the afterglow last? How do I continue to make the magic happen in my very busy daily life?”

Here’s what I came up with. From now on, every time I do something nice for myself, I’m going to think of it as a “mini-retreat.” What kinds of things?

  • trying something new
  • dancing to a favourite song
  • spending time in nature
  • making a new friend
  • making time for myself by paying SOMEONE ELSE to do a chore for me
  • meditating (Google “meditation music” or try one of the many apps)
  • taking a moment to acknowledge the many wonderful things and people in my life

You get the idea. Daily life can’t – and isn’t meant to be – a full-on retreat, but we can always find – and make – just a little time to savour those delicious, stolen moments.

Anybody with me?

Joni Lien (MSW) is the proud founder of SupperWorks and has been helping busy people eat well since 2005. For more information about SupperWorks, visit www.supperworks.com

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