Hello ladies. Smashing the Grass Ceiling is holding a women’s only Oakville golf event on Sept 18th at Piper’s Heath. This event is perfect if you are afraid to use golf as a networking tool!

Smashing Nines is a 9 hole, no stress golf networking event for women. We will not keep score and your ability to golf means very little. You will meet other professionalwomen and we will all be nervous together at first but have a blast and make great connections! Register to play or sponsor a hole for a chance to share your branded items with the field. This will be the best value golf event you will have all year at $115! Sign up soon. Dundas and Guelph events sold out quickly!

Here is a great clip from our last event at Dundas Valley

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1 of 3 copies of Smashing the Grass Ceiling: A Women’s Guide to Mastering Golf for Business Success is a combination of inspiration, advice, and personal stories aimed at providing women golfers – no matter what their golfing level – with a blueprint for success.

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