5 Effective Tips to Make Time for Exercise

You have great intentions and know how healthy exercise is and want to stay in good physical condition. The difficult part is finding time in your busy schedule to put an exercise regime in place.

You may believe that there is just no way you can find that kind of time, but the following suggestions will show you otherwise:

Wake Up Early

One of the most difficult but effective ways to make time for exercise is just to wake up earlier. Start small by waking half an hour earlier and running for about twenty minutes. Increase your time to 45 minutes earlier after a few weeks and then finally challenge yourself to wake up a full hour earlier.

It is best to exercise in the morning, as working out late at night may have an effect on your ability to fall asleep. This morning time will be well spent, and you will be amazed at how energized you will feel all day at work or school.

Men’s Health gives us several examples of men who have made their regular exercise time at 4:00 a.m. They are more organized and feel rejuvenated throughout their day. When they miss their workout times, they feel lethargic and do not get nearly as much accomplished.

Keep It Short

Hour-long exercise classes or workout routines may just not be an option for a busy mom or businessperson.

One great way to avoid spending large amounts of time exercising is to utilize high intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques into your training sessions. This will greatly lessen the amount of time spent working out.

HIIT is an exercise method where the individual engages in very short bursts of very intensive exercise with frequent rests in between. These can be done in very short sessions and can be very effective.

Having a rowing machine at your disposal will really help you with your fitness goals. It is a low-impact cardio machine that is perfect for HIIT workouts. You can do five 300-meter rowing sprints on the machine with rests or slower movement in between. This will work the entire body and sprints can be increased slowly over time.

Walk to Nearby Destinations

When you just haven’t been able to fit your exercise times into your daily schedule, try to make up for it by using opportunities to walk instead. When you go to the mall, the grocery store, or the library, park as far away as you reasonably can so you have to walk some distance to get to your destination.

If you have a choice between an elevator or the stairs, always take the stairs. Of course, keep your safety in mind at all times, and don’t isolate yourself so much that you feel insecure or unsafe.

Fitness Magazine also presents several methods of impromptu exercising such as walking or jogging to and from work if you live close enough to do so or even exercising at your desk.

Include Family Members

You may use time needed with family members as an excuse to avoid exercise. One way to combat this is to combine the two.

If you have an infant or toddler and the weather isn’t too extreme, invest in a running stroller. You can kill two birds with one stone by taking your child on an excursion and going for a fast walk or run.

Older children would really enjoy the time spent with you if you include them in your routines. You never know, they may provide a little competition for you if they are quick and athletic.

Engaging in physically active family activities such as swimming, hiking, and roller skating is another route you can take to get the entire family involved. In a WebMD article, experts revealed how families could stay healthy and bonded by making even yard work and routine housework active and fun.

A spouse or significant other could improve their own health and well-being by joining you in your regime. If the money is in the budget, get a family plan at a local gym and make it a family affair.

Schedule Your Exercise Plans

Treat your exercise regime like any other important plan and schedule it into your day. For some, the best time may be during lunch breaks, but don’t forget to eat a healthy meal also. For others, it could be early in the morning or right after work. Do not break your appointments unless it is an emergency.

Have an attitude that this time is just as important as regular doctor or dentist appointments.

Staying physically active it so important to your health and well-being. It will help improve your mood, improve your sex life, give you more energy, and more.

You will be revitalized and in great shape if you continue a plan on a regular basis. You will sleep better, be happier, lose weight, and receive many other health benefits from this beneficial activity!

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