Couple Time – in Chicago

Recently we did a post on the Importance of Girlfriend’s Getaways – trust me, that is important!  I love time with my girls and think it’s great for your health and your soul. However, equally as important is time with your significant other.

Nowadays everyone is “busy”. And understandably so – most couples have both partners working outside the home, we have kids that are in several activities and we have other oblgations – aging parents, school commitments, etc.

I remember when our kids were younger that my husband and I thought we would have all these date nights when the kids were old enough to leave on their own; well, we’re at that age and those date nights aren’t happening all too regularly. Life is busy and gets in the way – we get home from hockey practice at 7:30 and don’t feel like heading out again, kids need help with homework, one of us is out with friends, etc

I’ve recently come to realize that isn’t acceptable-  we NEED to make US a priority again. Someone told me when I was first married that he was stopping all extra activities that year just to “work” on his marriage – I didn’t understand what he meant – now I do.

Whether you enjoy a walk together, go out for a drink, enjoy dinner or a comedy show – make sure you do something that’s just the two of you, to keep you connected and in love.

We enjoyed a real splurge recently – 3 days of us-time! I know this isn’t possible for everyone, but the opportunity presented itself and off we went to Chicago – sans kids!  What a weekend!

We flew Air Canada and were bumped to business class – a very welcome start to our weekend!  Lovely to have a glass (or 2) of wine en route, and not have to worry about being too tired from it when you land – you can just have a nap when you get to the hotel!

Chicago is such a great city! Our hotel was in an amazing location – one block off Michigan Avenue. We were a close walk to almost everything – especially the shopping! We enjoyed the sights and sounds of Chicago – in particular, the Architecture Society Boat Cruise,  Navy Pier and seeing ‘The Bean’.

We LOVED the dining options – especially being able to get back to the room after our daily sight-seeing at 4:00-5:00 pm and then having a nap, and heading out for dinner at 7:30 or 8:00!  A fave for sure was Giardano’s and their famous deep dish pizza.  We easily could have had dinner here every night, although our waistlines wouldn’t have thanked us. I still dream of that pizza!

After dinner each night we loved being able to explore the Chicago nightlife. We went to House of Blues and experienced true Blues music over a couple drinks.  Our last night we stumbled across the best place – The Redhead Piano Bar. We wish we had discovered it sooner – we got there early enough (8:00) to get a seat right at the piano and in came the pianist who played music for the night. You could make requests and at times the entire bar was singing – definitely somewhere I would recommend!

it was such a treat to get away – to focus on each other and be able to go at our own pace and plan our own schedules. I found we truly connected and it took me back to the root of our marriage – reminded me of what we do have and how I need to experience that more.

Of course we missed the kids – we’d call and check in and made sure to stop at some of the kids fave spots and picked up the famous Garrett popcorn to bring home for them.  We both got a laugh when we passed the American Girl store and my hubby had never been to one so I took him in for a tour.

3 days felt like a week and was truly wonderful! I encourage you to seize the opportunity if it presents itself – we found getting away to be just what we needed to reconnect – we didn’t need to worry about groceries, meal planning, laundry, etc!

I look forward to our next getaway but until then – will enjoy our date nights close to home and remind myself that making US a priority is important!


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