Netflix Resolutions

We all know January is a month of resolutions – did you commit to no drinking during the week? Join a  gym and lose weight? Less technology? Over the years I’ve made resolutions each year, only to be disappointed by mid-January when I break them. This year I thought I’m going to do things differently – I don’t want to be disappointed because my plan for myself fell through. Instead, I’m going to keep things simpler and more positive – I’m going to have FUN with my resolution! I decided 2017 was going to be more about fun family time – being present with each other and making ourselves the priority.  We talked about what we all like to do as a family – sure we love to travel, but we don’t have an endless budget to make that a reality all the time. So the consensus was – family TV/Movie nights. The kids LOVE when we set up the TV tables and eat in front of the television. Probably also because on these nights we usually order in – pizza or Chinese or something-  helps make it extra special!

So…this year I made a Netflix resolution.  We will commit to more family movie nights thanks to Netflix and I will take more time for myself – and commit to starting and finishing some shows I’ve really wanted. I’m half way through The Crown  – got busy over the holidays and didn’t get to finish, so look forward to finishing that. And there’s a whole new season of The Mindy Project on and that is one of my fave shows, so can’t say no to that!

For kids, there are what look to be some great shows starting –

*Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events starts January 13th

* Dreamworks Trollhunters is streaming now

*Voltron: Legendary Defender streams January 20th

And Dreamworks Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh starts streaming January 27th.

Netflix keeps it exciting and keeps it about Family. What are your Netflix resolutions for this year? Make a plan you can stick to!

Happy Streaming!