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The importance of girlfriend getaways

I have been very lucky over the years to go on many “girls only” getaways, but I was not always good at making it happen (guilty mom syndrome)….I know it is not easy to swing – but even a night away can make a world of difference.

Turks + Caicos

How do I pull it off you ask!

Is it because I am wealthy…hell no!
Is it because I don’t like my family…well sometimes they drive me crazy!
Is it because I am completely selfish?
NO – It is because I MAKE IT HAPPEN – if mamma is happy everyone is happy…

The reason I make it happen is so that I don’t lose my SANITY!

I always remember a long time friend of mine saying when my kids were really young that you better take care of yourself or you will go crazy. Well I started going a little crazy, never going out – never treating myself and always feeling guilty when I did. GET OVER IT – it does no one any good.

Also as a work from home business owner – I spend WAY TO MUCH TIME at home! I go a little crazy at home and I find that a few nights away helps me clear my head.

Banff Alberta – breathtaking

I am not saying it has to be exotic, it could be a couple of nights at a friends cottage – or a few nights in Niagara…it could also be as simple as a sleepover at a friends house (making sure all kids are at a sleepover) – ordering chinese food and drinking way too much wine.

For me getting on a plane just makes it that much more enjoyable. The lead up to the vacay – the anticipation….something fantastic to look forward to.

Ask my family – I am much more relaxed when I return.

My girlfriends 50th Birthday weekend at Windermere House – I couldn’t say not to that. That would just be rude : )
The destination does not need to be a plane ride away – it could be a two hour drive to Muskoka.


  1. Get the gaggle of girls – it is amazing how easy it can be to get 3-4 ladies on board
  2. Pick the location – based on budget where can you go – or better yet does a friend of yours own a cottage or vacation property?
  3. Call in ALL FAVOURS. On my last girls weekend in December to Florida I think I had 3 dance moms, my dad and god knows who else shuttling my kids from one place to another
  4. Stop feeling the guilt. I will tell you the first time I went away was the hardest thing I ever did. I felt selfish – and horrible for asking for others to help me. I got over that pretty quickly as I stared off at the Rocky Mountains in Banff.
Sarasota – we joined a friend on their trip and bunked with them too….talk about cost effective : )

Again you don’t need to get on a plane to enjoy the results of a great time with girlfriends – some of my best memories are times with my friends at their cottage!

And just for the record – when I am away my kids have a blast with their friends! So it is a WIN WIN for everyone.

When was your last GIRLS ONLY getaway, where did you go?

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