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Your Packing Cheat Sheet.

By Wendy Woods

Think of me as the poster child for a woman who once packed her entire wardrobe in a bag to go away. Seriously.  I really wanted to have choice, you know. 

But I started to feel weighed down by those choices and lugging around a huge suitcase through the airport or in the car on my way to the cottage just wasn’t fun.

I wanted to simplify.

So I came up with a packing cheat sheet and I’m excited to share it with you today!

Packing for vacation – your luggage:

■         1 short

■         1 skirt

■         6 shirts

■         2 dresses

■         2 swimsuits

■         1 beach cover up

■         1 beach shoe

■         1 evening shoe

■         1 sun hat

■         5 favourite accessories

■         undergarments

Packing for vacation – what to wear:

■         1 spring jacket (preferably waterproof)

■         1 layer piece

■         1 long pants

■         1 pashmina scarf

■         1 comfortable (& stylish) walking shoe

■         1 pair sunglasses

■         1 tote bag suitable for carryon (if needed) and beach

■         everyday accessories

Every piece you pack needs to be:




You may want to consider also packing:

■         special clothes for activities you will do while you’re away

■         active wear

■         an extra swimsuit if you swim a lot



Admittedly, when packing for vacation, most women will bring more clothing & accessories than the list above, but as you’re throwing things into your suitcase remember...

There are 40+ outfit combinations with the clothing above. 

This is all you really need.

Packing like this takes time, energy and focus. If you want someone else to take all that on, I would love to swing by and pack your bag for you.




Personal Style Coach Wendy Woods is fiercely committed to time-starved women who want an effortless sense of style. Her down-to-earth method allows women to feel accepted and understood while creating a personal style that makes them look and feel beautiful.  www.therefinery.ca