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Vault Apps!

Just when you think you’ve figured out how the apps and programs work, a new puzzle is added to the mix…..Vault Apps!

Guess who is loving these somewhat newer apps….the kids! Vault apps are just what you are thinking they sound like… a secret hiding spot. It is a way for the kids to hide what they don’t want Mom and/or Dad to see on their devices.

There are many different kinds of Vault apps. Many, if you were to look at your child’s phones & devices, look like a calculator and do function as a working calculator but when you enter the right password a whole new world opens up behind the app. This is where the kids are hiding photographs, text messages, apps, etc. that you may not know about or particularly want them on. They can put their music, photos, videos, texts, emails, etc. all behind these apps. Most of the vault apps are free on the app store and offer in-app purchases. Some of these apps allow you to build password protected folders. Once you’ve figured out it’s a vault app, gotten the passwords to get behind the scenes, you will still need more passwords in order to open and access the folders.

Vault apps can be disguised as many different looking icons on your devices. They can look like a game, or it could have an actual vault looking icon, one of the more common ones is a calculator. If you are looking at your child’s phone and you click on an icon that is asking for a password that is most likely a vault app and they have hidden things behind there that they do not want you to see or find.

So just when you think okay I know what a vault app is I will take a peek and see….beware that many of these apps actually take a snapshot of anyone trying to figure out the passwords so the kids then know who has been trying to get into their vault app. But wait it gets better, some of the vault apps actually encourage the kids to have more than one account, to create a fake account, using different user names that way if a parent or trusted adult happens to find or figure out they have a vault app they are able to show you that really there is nothing behind the app, knowing they have another password where they really do hide everything.

Now not everyone who has a vault app will be hiding negative things. Some of these vault apps can be used for security and good. A way to store passwords or maybe you are travelling and want to have a copy of your documentation with you… then a secret vault app would be a great spot to keep your documents and passwords stored securely.

We encourage to visit the app stores on your devices and search Vault apps and know what they are, which ones are trending and have an understanding of how these apps work.

Photo right are a few example of vault apps you may see from the app store and on your child’s phones or devices.


Stacy Maynard & Kerry Hills are moms with successful social media businesses. We have a passion for helping children understand how to use social media safely.  We have joined together to implement into classrooms and the community our Socially Safe, Socially Fun, Social Media programs.

We are Moms of kids between the ages of 8 to 15, so we understand the need to help our kids stay safe and create a positive digital footprint.  Social Media is not going away and we are passionate about teaching our kids how to use it, have fun and stay Socially Safe.



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