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Vacation Fashions

By: Tracie Brown 

Almost everyone you speak to now is either dreaming about or actually thinking ahead to their vacations and the much-anticipated escape of the winter blahs.  In order to enjoy your trip even more you need to plan ahead and pack stylish outfits accordingly.

Making sure you’ve packed light, versatile pieces that are stylish, and mix and match with a ‘ready for anything’ attitude, takes some thought and prep time. So I have created for a surefire list of what to pack for any sunny destination.

Who knows, maybe if I write about it, I might get one step closer to actually going to a sunny beach myself! Here’s hoping!

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What to bring…


Dress it up for evening or down with flip-flops and a sunhat during the day.

Maxi dress or long skirts

Provides instant glamour for the beach or restaurant.

Tank top

A simple, white tank is perfect with shorts

for a day trip or can be dressed up with a skirt and bangls. Also works as a not so modest beach cover-up.

Lightweight cotton shirt

A soft cotton blouse or denim shirt can be paired with shorts for an excursion, worn over your swimsuit as a cover-up, or tied at the waist and used as a layer over sundresses and tanks. A must pack!


Both denim and cotton are great for daily beachwear and excursions.


Bring 2-3! Of course bring a new fabulous bikini that makes you feel uber hot! But don’t forget to pack 1 or 2 more, making sure at least one is still practical and will stay in place while swimming, surfing, or excursions. Trust me, you don’t want to be out sightseeing or horseback riding in the wrong swimwear!

Beach cover-up

Look for one that can be worn as a top or mini dress too. It’s always smart to pack double duty versatile pieces.  A gauzy embroidered tunic works well here.

Athletic sandals.

Instead of over packing the stilettos, be sure to remember comfortable day sandals/shoes for excursions, day hikes and hours of shopping.

Dressy sandals

Just one! That can be tough, but I’ve made the mistake of packing 3 or 4, and trust me, you won’t wear them and they do take up a lot of precious space. Select the pair that makes you feel the sexiest, is comfortable and is a style that can be worn with both short and long dresses.


If you plan on spending most of your vacay poolside or on the beach, flip-flops take up no room in your suitcase and can tuck easily into a beach bag. Perfect for the sand and pool showers.

Sun hat

Both practical and stylish, look for a funky style to go with your vacation wear. A “crushable” one will survive packing nicely.

Two pairs of sunglasses

Sportier lightweight pair for excursions and beach activities and an oversized designer pair when on the beach or lounging pool side.


For evening dinners, it’s very handy to have a small glam purse to carry with you and hold your essentials.

Just a note ladies… on my shopping excursions I have noticed that most stores have their resort collections and cruise wear already on display. Happy packing and I’m happy to help with the shopping if need be fashion friends.

Tracie is a certified Image & Style Consultant

Twitter – @definingstyle

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