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Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Canada

When you think of the most romantic destinations on earth, Canada may not be at the very top of that list, but it should be. With over hundreds of breathtaking locations to choose from, Canada may be the most unlikely romantic country in the world. From the iridescent falls in Niagara to the snow packed vistas in the Canadian Rockies, you can hardly ask for more beautiful locations. Pick from any one of these listed destinations and you will find a romantic spot that you and your loved one will decadently enjoy.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

The sounds, the smells, the quaint village nestled right under the enormous falls; fewer places inspire more romance than Niagara Falls. Stay in local bed and breakfasts and take midnight strolls to see the firework shows reflect their sparks in the waters below, or book an intimate dinner at any of the various restaurants overlooking the precipice! This destination was practically made for the romantically inclined, all you have to do is find a cheap car rental and you’ve arrived in a perfect, romantic getaway.

Banff, Alberta

Looking for a quiet place to sneak away and be alone with your partner? The Fairmont Chateau situated at the bottom of Lake Louise in Banff National Park could be one of the most romantic resorts in Canada. If you’re looking for somewhere to curl up and snuggle during the cold winter nights, you can find no better destination than this lodge. Spend the days out on the powdery slopes and spend your evenings in cozy dining settings with beautiful accommodations.

Montreal, Quebec

It’s fun to travel to a city with your loved one and paint the town red. Montreal is one of the best cities to journey to with a partner because of all it has to offer. Enriched with European culture, Montreal feels like a quainter version of Paris, with its metropolitan splendor conveniently located in North America. Relax in the French style and cuddle on a horse and buggy through the cobble-stoned streets, and enjoy the city lights at night!

Heart’s Desire, Newfoundland

What’s in a name? Even if the municipal of Heart’s Desire was actually named after a stolen pirate ship that was gifted to the community in the late 19th century, this cozy little spot on the map is just what the doctor ordered for a nice, quite romantic weekend. Intimate and secluded, with gorgeous surroundings and relatively near the active tourist spots around Newfoundland, this is an unexpected spot to visit made just for you and your partner.

Love, Saskatchewan

The name says it all. What more could you possibly ask for in a lovely romantic weekend than a town named “love”? While approximately 100 people only live in this remote prairie village year round, it is a hotbed of activity or touring couples come Valentine’s Day. Provisioned with cozy lodgings and cabins, this is a great, secluded place to spend the most romantic day of the year!

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