By Claudine DeJong

Whether you are away on holidays or simply dining out, making healthy food choices can be exhausting.  As you skim the menu and try to find something that is healthy and will satisfy your craving without the huge calorie count, you begin to realize that your options are limited and maybe you should just order the burger, and fries and get back on track at your next meal.  Not to worry, as there are a few simple rules that will help you stay on track while dining out.

Choosing a restaurant that offers healthy options is always an advantage however if you don’t have a say on the restaurant then these tips will help you make the healthiest choices available.

7 Simple Rules To Healthy Dining Out:

  1. Say No To Bread!  Tell the waiter to NOT bring any bread to the table.  If it is on the table it will stare you down and before you know it you have eaten half a loaf.
  2. Skip The Appetizer!  Since most items on the menu tend to be deep fried or cheesy or creamy and loaded with sodium I would suggest you save your calories for your entrée.
  3. Sip On Water!  Save your calories by drinking water with lemon or lime and allow yourself one drink of choice with your meal.  Sounds strict but you will save so many calories.  Wouldn’t you rather eat your calories than drink them?
  4. Share!  Sharing food can take some of the guilt away especially if the menu is not very figure friendly.  Since portion sizes are way out of whack at most restaurants, an Entrée is more than enough for two people to share.
  5. Speak Up!  Make friends with your server and ask if the chef is willing to make a dish to your specific needs.  If they are reluctant then revert to ordering your meal with all sauces on the side.
  6. Slow Down!  We do everything fast these days including eating.  Take a bite and savour it.  Eating slower allows your brain to catch up to your stomach and tell you that you are satisfied.
  7. Stay Sweet!  If you need something sweet after your meal don’t deprive yourself.  Order a tea and share a dessert with the whole table.  All you need is one bite.

Following these simple steps will allow you to feel like you are still indulging a little bit while staying on track with your diet or maintenance program.

Good Luck!

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