September Snapshot

Memories are about to be made, routines are starting, both kids and parents alike are excited and nervous all at the same time.  It’s a moment as parents we want to remember and cherish.  We went and pick out new outfits, new backpacks and lunch bags and now the morning has arrived….The First Day of School!

Time to capture that moment just before they head out the door to start the new school year.  The cameras have new batteries, phones are charged and the kids are outside the front door waiting for us to capture that perfect first day of school picture.

We all do it, our parents did it, and now we are doing it too.  What is different however, from when we were kids to now is the role of social media.  We are all guilty, we are all so excited and proud of our kids that we want to share these moments with our friends and family so the first thing we do once we get home from walking them to school is open up (usually Facebook) and start sharing the pictures with our friends online.  But this year what we want you to do, and it is one of the things that we tell the kids….stop and ‘THINK’.  Take a minute before you hit post and really look at the pictures and what you saying along with the digital footprint you are creating for your child.  It’s not just about the cute picture of your child heading out the door to open a new door, it’s what’s behind them in the pictures that we sometimes don’t even think about or consider before we upload them to social media.

So this year, before you post those first day of school pictures stop and ask yourself the following questions.  Consider what personal information about your child you are putting online before you share your pictures.

  • Do you want your child’s face online?
  • Did you mention their name
  • Did you say what grade they are going into?
  • Did you say what school they attend?
  • Are they wearing a school uniform that you can clearly see the school name or logo on?
  • Did you look at the background of your picture is your house address showing?
  • If you took the picture with your cell phone is your location setting turned off?  Or have you just made it really easy to find exactly where you live? (Remember when our location settings are turned on and we post to social media a map in embedded into the photo.)
  • Does your child want that picture of themselves online?

We hope everyone has a wonderful last few days of summer holidays and as always we want you to be #SociallySafe.

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