Live Justice

If you have a little girl, I am sure you have heard of the store Justice – it’s one store that almost every little girl loves to shop at! My daughter is 13 and we’ve shopped there many a time over the year – each time I go in I’m in awe of the variety, the slogans and the sparkle!

We were recently invited to an exclusive behind the scenes, Back to School Shop at the Justice Store at Smartcentres Etobicoke, 173 North Queen Street – across the street from Sherway Gardens. The store was closed except for a few invited guests, so I had one happy girl on my hands! She had a blast trying things on – and ended up with a good haul! New leggings, cardigans, t-shirts and gym shorts for back to school – plus a giant stuffed unicorn because what little girl doesn’t want a stuffed unicorn?! As well as some great perfume!

Although we had fun shopping and having some time together, I learned something – Justice isn’t just a store for little girls to shop – they CARE about our little girls and have some great mottos for little girls to follow. Here is what Justice is all about:

You Inspire Us. You are the center of everything we do. LIVE JUSTICE is about YOU! We celebrate your STYLE and INDIVIDUALITY and all that makes you unique and special. We believe you can be anything you want to be


Every girl has the power to change the world. Every girl is AWESOME!

How do you live active, smart, together, creatively, positively and connected? How do you LIVE JUSTICE?

For more information on Justice and to find the store closest to you, check their site:

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