Home for the Holidays

One more day of school for our kiddies and then they are home for a fun-filled 2 week break! And the way Christmas falls this year we’ve had to do the fun Christmas stuff like visiting the Christmas Market, gingerbread baking and shopping at night on school nights – so we don’t have some of that fun stuff to take up the holidays. No….Christmas on Sunday with my family, Boxing Day Monday with my husband’s family and then the rest of the holidays – WIDE OPEN!

Don’t get me wrong – it’s my favourite time of the year (when I’m not sick!) and love the time off between Christmas and New Year’s – for the most part, but not when I know that there is a whole other week of vacation after New Year’s!

And it NEVER fails – hubby gets hit with man flu usually on the 26th and as all us women know, that leads to a solid week in bed, leaving us to entertain the kids!  We try to set up playdates, go skating, tobogganing (but with rain and warmer weather in the forecast may not be much snow!) and head out for some deal shopping after Christmas.   As our kids get older, more activities involve more money – mine want to check out the new Dave & Buster’s where I’m sure a $20 game card lasts a whole 30 minutes. They have a list of movies they want to see (in theatres of course) and deal shopping leads to lots of new stuff for them….not for me!

Well here is where my secret weapon for the holidays comes in – my saving grace, NETFLIX!  Oh Netflix, what did we do before you? There are constantly new shows added  – Fuller House Season 2 is now streaming and one we’re looking forward to watching over the holidays.  And all new starting tomorrow – yes, tomorrow. Perfect timing Netflix – you have us parents/Mamas covered – is Dreamworks Trollhunters.  When I say new- I mean, 13 hours of never before watched, never seen, Brand Spanking new entertainment! 13 wonderful hours of adventure, suspense and limitless imagination with this all-new series.  To me that means 13 hours of not hearing “I’m Bored” – but above all else, 13 hours to snuggle with my kiddies on the couch, eat popcorn, wear pj’s and of course….have a glass of wine in hand. Happy Holidays and Happy Streaming!

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