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by Claudine de Jong 

If you are looking for a way to maximize your workouts in less time then HIIT/TABATA training is for you. High Intensity Interval Training or Tabata Training is an exercise methodology that involves short but extremely intense workouts by using periods of high intensity effort followed by short periods of rest. Each interval only lasts for 4 minutes but those 4 minutes of hell produce remarkable results.

HIIT/TABATA Training Protocol:

Warm up 5 minutes
Push hard for 20 seconds
Recover for 10 seconds
Repeat 8x
Cool down and Stretch

Pick 4- 5 exercises that target the big muscle groups ie. burpee’s with a pushup, power jump squats with a medicine ball, squat with a shoulder press, climbers, plank jacks etc. Targeting the small muscle groups will have little to no effect. So go big or stay home!


  • The high intensity nature of this workout provides a significant “after burn effect” that primes your body to continue burning fat for hours after completion
  • it will improve both aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • It can be done with virtually any exercise that exerts large bursts of energy
  • You don’t have to belong to a gym to do this workout- it can be done anywhere

This is not a daily workout; if you can do this everyday then you are doing it wrong. It should be done once a week or every other week at the most so you can give your body adequate time to rest and recover. Adding this style to your fitness regime is just another way of switching things up and making your workouts a little more exciting.

Claudine de Jong 42 year old mother of three, business owner, personal trainer, group fitness leader, schwinn spin cyclist, nutritional counsellor and motivational speaker brings over 20 years of experience to the fitness industry. Having trained with some of the most elite fitness experts in North America, Claudine has designed and created a style of training that will develop a stronger core, smarter muscles, better endurance and an overall sense of well being. www.slimdowninc.com 

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