Fuller House Lessons

As parents nowadays, we seem to be fairly concerned about the amount of ‘screen time’ our kids get. And if your kids are like my kids, they get off one screen and ask if they can go on another- thinking it’s a different activity altogether as they do something different on the new screen they are asking for. And if you’re a busy working Mom like me, you’ll admit that some days your kids definitely get more screen time than they should.  But is that all so bad?  What about if you change some of that screen time into a lesson?

I’ll admit – one of the ‘screens’ that my kids like watching is the television – in particular Netflix. And most of the time when they watch their shows, I don’t watch with them – this is when I’m trying to tie up loose ends from the office,  return calls or make dinner.  But even though I may be busy in the kitchen, I try to keep an ear out for the show and pop into the family room a few times.

Recently we have been enjoying watching Fuller House since it’s relatively new to Netflix and was a fave of mine back in the day!  I did sit down with my 12 year old daughter to watch a recent episode that was all about Peer Pressure (episode S1E6).  After getting grounded for sneaking off to Bobby Popko’s house, Jackson realizes that he needs to stand up for what he knows is right and not give in to please his friend.   Bingo!!! A great lesson for my 12 year old daughter – peer pressure is different at every age, but I feel she is getting to that ‘crucial age’ where driving a lesson like this into her is imperative. We talked about the show and talked about what is right/wrong and consequences. We discussed bad decisions and how some bad decisions can have permanent effects.  It was a good conversation and didn’t feel like one of those talks that start with “I need to talk to you….”

You never know what conversations can be sparked from the shows you watch with your kids – so as parents, we don’t have to be quite so hard on ourselves about screen time – Phew!

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