Family Movie Nights!

A new year – with that usually comes the usual feeling of a “fresh start”. I can be anything, do anything and change anything this year….that’s a good feeling! There have been many years where I’ve said I’ll lose weight (who doesn’t say that!), get to the gym regularly, etc. I try to stick with that, but we all know it’s hard and by the end of January I would find myself back in my old ways. This year I wanted to try something else – something that I feel affects my family as a whole, and not just myself – I want to have FUN! I am a worrier who gives her all to everything I do – I worry about pleasing others, including others, giving any job my all – not that I want to take away my kind heart and good work ethic – but I want to not worry about pleasing others so much and look after pleasing myself.

On December 31st my husband, the kids and myself talked and said we want this year to be a great one – who doesn’t!?! We are all busy –  my husband and I both work full-time, the kids are each in various activities that we drive them to and cheer them on for, and so we said in our downtime, we want to be able to have as much family FUN as we can! The kids threw out favourite activities and traditions they like – but one thing that came up were more family nights at home. Everyone wanted more Family Movie Nights! 


Family dinners are a must in our household – I refuse to eat in a parking lot or arena, so we make it a priority to have dinner at home as a family at least 5-6 nights a week.  We sit at the table and talk about our days – so a treat for our family are Family Movie nights. We set up the card tables and eat in front of the TV – and one of the best parts is choosing on Netflix what we’ll watch.

One movie that we are going to start with is Patch Adams starring Robin Williams. A story that melts your heart and leaves you with that feel-good feeling!  Soul-Surfer is another good inspirational story and two movies we haven’t seen that we look forward to watching are The Short Game and On the Way to School.

We look forward to a Fun and Family-Filled 2016 and we hope your 2016 is all you want it to be! Happy Streaming!

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