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Family Is What You Make It

Families. Everyone has one, but these days, it’s looking less like The Cleavers and has evolved into a world of possibilities – could be a single Mom, single Dad, 2 Moms, or 2 Dads. Throw in a stay-at-home Dad, step-siblings, step parents, cousins, pets and topped off with good friends and you’ve got a modern family – each uniquely quirky – yet, picture perfect in its own way.

And whatever our family situation may be, most of us find comfort in our families and family time.

When I asked my kids (ages 9 and 11) what makes our family special they said because we like to spend time together, respect one another and do fun outings together.  These are things I wouldn’t trade for the world about my family!

Netflix is full of shows (for all ages) with family as a theme. Grace and Frankie, Netflix’s new funny and fearless original comedy featuring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, is a perfect example of how today’s families can shift, rearrange and blend in unexpected ways. When Grace and Frankie’s husbands leave them after 40 years of marriage—to be with each other—the women find themselves facing a change they never expected. They shift their perspective to get through it together, with the support of their new blended family and, of course, a sense of humour. 

Popular in the 90’s were shows like Full House and Table of Five and Netflix has these shows in their viewing line-up. Both were faves of mine and I’ve enjoyed rewatching them!

Family is what you make it – enjoy!

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