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Energy on the go with Clif Bar & Company

As an avid cyclist and obstacle race seeker, I know a thing or 2 about needing to keep up my energy during some of my races.

When riding 150-200 km per day you just can’t keep up with the energy demands. I have been using Clif Bar & Company for years (shots, bloks and bars) . I will be honest with you that I did not realize how packed with goodness they are. They are organic, healthy and use Canadian product.

I also didn’t realize until a recent event that I was invited to by Clif Bar & Company and Organic week that they also have other fabulous products like the Z Bar for kids! Now the whole family uses the product.\

Why eat CLIF Bar? 

Athletes and adventurers have high energy demands. CLIF Bar provides carbohydrates and a blend of protein, fat and fibre for energy needed for activities such as hiking, cycling or climbing. CLIF Bar encourages you to celebrate, share and Feed Your AdventureTM.

When should you eat CLIF Bar? 

When eaten 2-3 hours before, CLIF Bar provides athletes and adventurers with energy before, during or after athletic activity.

Why not eat a candy bar instead? 

CLIF Bars contain carbohydrates, protein (9-11 grams) and fibre (4-5 grams), depending on flavour. Candy bars contain carbohydrates, but many are high in fat and derive most of their energy from highly refined sugars. Candy bars are also low in essential nutrients like fibre, vitamins and minerals.

How is CLIF Bar different from other bars? 

CLIF Bar is a great-tasting energy bar purposely crafted in a way that is good for people and the planet. CLIF Bar is made with nutritious and organic ingredients like organic rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. CLIF Bar is crafted for the demanding energy needs of the athlete and adventure seeker in all of us, and provides energy from multiple carbohydrate sources and a blend of protein, fat and fibre for energy. CLIF Bar also provides 23 vitamins and minerals.

Clif Bar
CLIF Bar is a great-tasting energy bar made with a nutritious blend of Canadian organic rolled oats and wholesome ingredients for energy. CLIF Bar is the original energy bar made with at organic ingredients and thoughtfully crafted and inspired by athletes and foodies in the CLIF Kitchen. CLIF Bar is available in 10 delicious flavours, including the new Chocolate Brownie flavour released this year in Canada. www.clifbar.ca/products/clif-bar

About Clif Bar:
CLIF Bar & Company crafts energy food with organic ingredients to feed and inspire adventure. Focused on performance nutrition and snacks, the kitchen crafted lineup includes the CLIF Bar energy bar, CLIF energy BLOKS, the new Organic Trail Mix Bar and more. Family and employee owned, the company is committed to using organic ingredients, including Canadian rolled oats, to help create a healthy, just and sustainable food system.

Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar
CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar is a great-tasting organic snack bar crafted with wholesome, nutritious ingredients like fruit, whole nuts and chunks of dark chocolate. CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar is gluten free. They are made in Canada and available in four delicious flavours. http://www.clifbar.ca/products/organic-trail-mix-bar


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