You better believe it! While water is vital for you body to function properly it can actually help you lose those extra unwanted pounds. That is, if you are drinking enough

Water has so many important benefits other than quenching your thirst. Water helps prevent dehydration, energize the body, reduce bloating and water weight. But what most people don’t realize is that it can aid in digestion and help flush toxins out of the body. While fat and calories can lead to weight gain, bloating and water weight can give the appearance of carrying extra weight so drinking your water is an easy fix to saying goodbye to some of that muffin top.

Signs of Dehydration:

Low energy
Tin taste in the mouth
Dry skin
Urine is concentrated (it should be light in colour)
Eyes sunk in

Typically you should drink eight, 8oz glasses of water per day. If you are exercising and drinking coffee/pop/fruit punches etc. you need to add more water into your daily allowance. This is where it gets confusing. So how much water should we drink? If you drink coffee you need to add 2 more glasses of water to balance it out and the same for pop. Fruit drinks and punches (not fresh juice) add another glass of water. Moderate exercise 2 glasses, extreme exercise 3-4 glasses. You may be up to 15 glasses of water a day, which is a lot of water to drink and you thought drinking 8 glasses a day was tough.


Tips on How to Incorporate More Water into Your Diet:

Journal what you drink for a week then you will be able to calculate how much water you need to consume

Substitute your pop/fruit punches for water instead. This will take some getting used to but your body will thank you in so many ways and you will save a ton of calories

Limit your coffee to 1 a day. Try an herbal tea instead

Eat more fruits and veggies as they have lots water and natural sugar in them

Carry a large water bottle with you at all times this will help you monitor how much is going in

Exercise will encourage you to drink more water

Remember this is a gradual process. Start by changing one thing at a time and build from there.

Claudine de Jong 42 year old mother of three, business owner, personal trainer, group fitness leader, schwinn spin cyclist, nutritional counsellor and motivational speaker brings over 20 years of experience to the fitness industry. Having trained with some of the most elite fitness experts in North America, Claudine has designed and created a style of training that will develop a stronger core, smarter muscles, better endurance and an overall sense of well being. www.slimdowninc.com 

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