Best Buy She-Shed

This past weekend was the National Women’s Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and one of the highlights of the show was the Best Buy She-Shed.  What woman doesn’t want a space all to herself – the ultimate women’s haven and latest design trend.  We are all busy women and we deserve a place to find Balance – to put our feet up and escape. And that’s exactly what the She-Shed allows.


We recently had the opportunity to speak with Christine Dovey, the Designer who created this fantastic space for women.  Christine is a busy mother of 4 kids and laughed with us when we said how great our glass of wine would taste uninterrupted, alone, in a quiet oasis.    And that’s exactly what Christine created when she partnered with Best Buy to create the Best Buy She-Shed, an experiential living space that merges design and tech to create a comfortable, innovative and gorgeous space that can be completely customized to reflect you and everything you love.

Sign me up you say? Well it’s easy – Best Buy is your one stop shop. And you can shop on-line from your home – with a glass of wine in hand. Yes, it keeps getting better and better.

When we spoke to Christine we were amazed that everything in the She-Shed was purchased from Best Buy. If you are like us, you know you can go to Best Buy for all your computer/technology needs- who knew that Best Buy on-line sells crystal wine glasses, beautiful home decor and even this great mint-green Keurig machine.   Christine told us that the biggest reaction from everyone at the show to the She-Shed was surprise – they loved the space, but had no idea that Best Buy sold so many fabulous items.


Christine admitted she had not been a big fan of technology when it comes to Design work – she said she doesn’t even have a television set in her house.  Most times with technology, you see multiple cords, power bars, etc – and they aren’t the most attractive.  However Christine explained that the Best Buy concept is to combine technology and design – to enhance your home and your life, enabling your life to be easier and your space prettier.  What she did with the Best Buy She-Shed was showcase that technology is meant to be looked at, and not hidden when it comes to decorating. Cordless speakers, LED lighting, etc all help with this.

Christine highlighted 3 tips on how to create your own tech-forward, perfectly “you” She-Shed:

Tip 1: Embrace beautifully designed technology in your She-Shed – you don’t have to hide it! Use these pieces to act as display pieces, accents or focal points. Going wireless has never looked so good!


Tip 2: Transform the space using technology to make your She-Shed an expression of you. Use atmospheric lighting to enhance or reflect your mood. Enjoy a nice warm drink? Use something like the Keurig K200 Plus 4-Cup Coffee Maker and have it on display – it’s all about you in your She-Shed. ($97.99 at Best


Tip 3:Be sure to get the most out of modern technology. Technology is all around us – enhance your She-Shed experience by picking and choosing items that work best for you and your lifestyle.  For example , calm your mind and guide your thoughts from active to calm with the Muse brain-sensing headband, your personal meditation assistant. It helps you to build a meditation practice so you can experience the benefits of meditation, such as relaxation, improved mood and reduced stress. ($299.99 at Best


We asked Christine her fave tech item from the She-Shed and she said hers is the Nanoleaf Aurora Smart LED Light Panel – 9 pack. This allows you to combine light, colour and creativity to create the perfect ambience. ($249.99 at Best  Her fave decor item was a crown lamp seen below in this photo. Up close it has an antique look and adds a nice touch to any room.


Check out for your own decor and tech needs and help to make your space more functional and more “you”.


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