6 Tips for Joyous and Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

This year, we invite you to slow down, take a breath, and truly enjoy your holiday gatherings. Check out these 6 easy steps to stress-free entertaining from SupperWorksFounder, Joni Lien.

  1. Just be YOU! If you’re not June Cleaver and you’re not Martha Stewart that’s OK. Your guests will not have a better time if you’ve spent 6 hours of your precious time making an elaborate centerpiece.
  2. Prepare in advance. Buy a case of wine, make sure you have clean hand towels and toilet paper, figure out what you’re going to wear.
  3. Embrace the potluck. Your guests WANT to bring something. They really do!
  4. Delegating is good. “Hey, Kids, can you take the dog for a walk before our guests arrive?” “Hey, Spouse, can you set up the music and put away the groceries?” You get the idea.
  5. Accept the offer. When guests ask you if they can help chop, make the salad, or put the dishes in the dishwasher, the answer is “Yes.”
  6. Do what you truly enjoy. Do you do a fabulous pot roast that you can make with your eyes closed? Go for it! Are you famous for your tiramisu? Fabulous! Do what you truly enjoy and consider letting “someone else” fill in the gaps.

There’s nothing more precious than time spent with your loved ones. During the holidays, it’s such a joy to gather, talk, laugh, and share food with our nearest and dearest. At SupperWorks, we take the work out of entertaining with complete no-muss, no-fuss holiday dinners and our own, hand-made appetizers and desserts.