4 Proven Ways To Stay Motivated And Never Miss A Workout

Wondering how to find motivation to exercise when you just don’t feel like getting off your couch? Worry no more as the following tips are sure to help.

Make It A Priority

It is important to make working out a priority. What is better? Waking up tired due to binge watching your favorite TV Show or going to bed earlier to wake up refreshed to do a good workout. It is always difficult to fit workouts into a busy schedule. But, it is crucial to alter your routine in a way that you get time to work out. It is said that life happens in the evenings. So, even if you are not a morning person, take that extra bit of effort to wake up and get your workouts done.

Focus On Behaviors, Not Results

Most of us focus on the result rather than the behaviors that will help us achieve those results. But, many of us fail to notice that focusing just on the result might make you feel overwhelmed. This might kill your motivation to work out regularly as well. Always concentrate on achieving your workout targets, and the rest will follow.

Sign A Commitment Contract

It is easy for us to promise ourselves. But, most of the time we fail to keep these promises when it comes to workouts. Studies show that we are more likely to stick to an exercise routine if we pledge it in front of our friends. You can up the game even more by signing a contract which entitles you to pay 20$ if you skip a workout.

Get Paid To Work Out

Money talks. If you feel that you are not able to motivate yourself to workout, why not go for a different and new approach. An independent study has found that exercise and monetary incentives go hand in hand.  People who were paid 100$ to go to gym doubled their attendance rate. Mobile applications like Pact are the best way to get paid to work out. You have to authorize the app to charge your PayPal or credit card account if you miss a session. If you reach the goal, you will be paid from the common pool which is contributed by you and other members.

You can also try other ways like posting in your blog after each workout, reading motivational quotes and success stories, etc. For more motivational tips, take a look this post from garagegymplanner.com. Following the tips listed above are sure to motivate you to work out.

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