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Easter Egg Meltdown recipe

Time to melt down all those Easter Eggs into a tasty treat for the kids.
Make a few batches and freeze in individual granola bar size for kids lunches.



All you will need are easter eggs and bunnies, granola, coconut, butter and milk.


Add butter and chocolate to a saucepan and melt.


Add coconut and granola.


Mix all together and pour in 9×13 baking dish.



1 tablespoon butter (melted in saucepan)
Easter Chocolate 3-4 cups melted
1 Cup milk
2 cups coconut (we used unsweetend)
5-6 cups Granola

(base your measurements on the consistency)

Melt the butter and chocolate until smooth – add milk and stir (or add more chocolate) to smooth consistency.
Add in coconut and granola. Stir until incorporated. Grease glass 9×13 baking dish – pour in mixture and smooth to fill pan. Place covered in fridge overnight and then cut into individual squares or bars.

Make a few batches and place extras for later in large ziplock bag and place in freezer.







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