New Year’s Resolutions: Small Steps with Big Results!

Happy 2016! As we all know, with the new year comes new resolutions and they’re not always easy to keep. Okay, okay, we rarely manage to keep them for longer than a few weeks! If I could see a show of hands of who plans to lose weight and go to the gym regularly, there would be a lot of hands up…..ask again in a few weeks who has gone to the gym recently, and there won’t be so many hands! But let’s make this year different….this year, let’s resolve to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. How is this possible? It’s all about taking small steps that can easily be incorporated into our everyday routines. Here are a few easy steps you can take, to deliver big results:


  • Take the stairs: You can take small steps towards a healthier you, literally. Not quite realistic if you work on the 42nd floor, but think escalators at the mall, moving sidewalks at the airport, that errand that’s a two minute drive away…skip all shortcuts and walk! You can also get a pedometer or smartphone fitness app that counts your steps and calories burned so you can measure your results.
  • Take your vitamins: Taking your daily vitamins helps ensure you get the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. However, men and women have varying nutritional needs so multivitamins such as Vitafusion™ Men’s & Women’s Complete Multivitamins offer a personalized option to help you feel great and support optimal health.
  • Get your giggle on: Laughter really is the best medicine, not to mention it’s both fun and free. Research shows that humour and laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts your energy, diminishes pain and protects you from the damaging effects of stress.
  • Protect your skin: Use sunscreen with an SPF every day to protect yourself against the sun’s harmful rays (UVA & UVB). And yes, even wear it on days when it’s overcast.
  • Balance – we are all busy, make sure you set aside time for what you like to do – exercise, time with friends, a walk – even some alone time for yourself!

We can do this!!! Let’s make 2016 the best year yet!

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