Hallowe’en Fun

Now that Thanksgiving is over the next thing to look forward to is Hallowe’en! However, if you’re like my kids, you’ve been excited about Hallowe’en since they saw the boxes of chocolate bars out in the grocery store in late August! Every year it seems we have the same ongoing discussion for a couple weeks – what to be for Hallowe’en!?!? I love this discussion as it sparks such creativity in my children! They go back and forth with different ideas – until they finally come up with “the” idea.  When they were younger one of their go-to places for Hallowe’en costumes was from their fave shows or movies-  Princesses, Super Heroes, Sponge Bob, Buzz Lightyear – we had all the costumes!

Netflix is a great spot to go to get ideas – they have such a variety of shows for kids that you can get an idea there and run with it – Spiderman, Avengers, Smurfs, TMNT and Scooby Doo to name a few!

This year my kids have decided on the Mad Hatter (from Alice in Wonderland which was on Netflix) and an Evil Jester – I’ll post a pic when they are all dressed up!

One thing I know we are looking forward to is our Family Movie night with some great Hallowe’en titles to choose from – we’ve already picked our movie out – Hotel Transylvania- makes it easy with Netflix!

Happy Hallowe’en!

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