Family Movie Night with Netflix

It’s now been 2 weeks back to school and summer seems like a bit of a distant memory. Although we have been blessed with gorgeous weather so far in September, there is something about September that just feels different – the crispness in the air, the cool mornings waiting for the school bus, and the sun setting much earlier at night. Gone are the days where the kids can play outside until after 9:00 p.m. – we are calling them in now at 7:30 as it’s getting dark and they need a bath before their school night bedtime. 

With Fall also comes the back to busy-ness in our household and I know most others. Activities start up again – I become the shuttle driver, going to the rink, dance studio, and everywhere else in between.  Although our schedules become a lot busier come fall, one thing I try very hard to not let slip away is our family time. To me, that is one of the most important things going! We try to eat as a family every night (even if it’s a quick dinner as we have to rush off to the rink), and talk about our days.  And now that it’s getting cooler and darker early, another tradition we have is to have Family Movie nights.

With the kids getting older and developing more of their own social life it’s not as easy or as often as it used to be, but we try to schedule it in when we can. And thanks to Netflix, movie nights are a whole lot easier.   When we saw the “What’s new” for fall on Netflix email I received, the kids were excited to pick movies for our family movie night.  This weekend we’ll be watching The Muppets (a classic, can’t go wrong!) and for the next family movie night (hopefully not too far away) it will be Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb- we always get a laugh at Ben Stiller! If it comes to my choice, I saw Freaky Friday is now playing and I remember that movie from way back when, so would like to watch that with the kids – have added it to our list!

To make movie night complete, we’ll pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch and enjoy!

Hoping you have a great fall and that you stop and smell the popcorn – and enjoy Netflix with your family this fall!

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