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Martha Stewart helps me organize my office

By Kenda Blum

I was recently provided with a basket full of new products from the Martha Stewart Home Office Line from Staples Canada. I was asked to use the product and give my feedback. I have always been a Martha Stewart fan but lets be honest, who has the time to make things always look that good – I now I don’t! So now she has produced a line that makes us ALL look good with very little effort.

As I am in the midst of redecorating my office I was thrilled to get the basket and try everything out. I have not used everything as of yet – but know it will all come in handy as I organize my once very disorganized workspace.

As we all know working from home can have it’s benefits but when your office is the 4th bedroom it can become the catch all for everyone in the family. My office has to work over-time as a file folder for everyone in the household.

It’s a GOOD THING! My favorite things didn’t all end up in the office!

Left: The mini accordian file system that I decided to use in my car. You know all those gift cards and loyalty cards you have. It never fails as soon as I am at my destination I realize that I had a gift card on my front hall table. Now I carry them in my mini folder and always have them with me!

Middle: The Decorative dry erase decals are perfect to stick on refrigerator doors or kitchen and office walls for messages, reminders, and to-do lists. I have mine in the front hall – great way to communicate with others in the family when we are running in and out and missing eachother. The best part is it can be easily removed. (last night my daughter took it up to her room to play teacher)

Right: Modular stacking trays. Store paperwork, receipts, coupons, or supplies in the drawer and place to-do items or mail in the inbox. Create your own organization system by stacking an organizer, tray and boxes, or small item holder on top. I have a small desk, so this is a perfect way to have everything within my reach and not all over my desk. When space is limited the best thing to do is GO UP!

I love working from home but not when it is disorganized, the best way to add balance to my life is to have a place for everything and everything in its place!

These are some of the items I will be going back for on a regular basis as I run out; labels, chalk labels (great for the kitchen), notepads (i go through a few a month) and binders for me and my kids. The best part is none of it is expensive! Products range from $2-$15 Canadian.


A Beautiful Line of Innovative Organization Products. Keep your home office orderly, organized, and looking great. Find everything you need, from colour-coded, textured, and metallic labels to stylish journals and notebooks. Organize your desk with sleek accessories, sticky notes, and tags. With Martha Stewart, Avery, and Staples, you’ll find a beautiful array of products that are innovative, practical, and unique.

Staples.ca: The Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery product line is exclusive to Staples. www.staples.ca


All reviews are written by me personally and reflect my personal opinion. I do accept free products for review, but I do not guarantee a favorable review of the product unless I truly enjoyed it


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