This Man Inspired Me

By Colleen Saunders In the early 2000′s I read an article in Readers Digest about a gentleman, Chris Spence, Principal of a middle school in an inner-city community in Toronto.   I found the article so inspiring that I kept … Read More

Your Packing Cheat Sheet.

By Wendy Woods Think of me as the poster child for a woman who once packed her entire wardrobe in a bag to go away. Seriously.  I really wanted to have choice, you know.  But I started to feel weighed down … Read More

Laters (Don’t) Gotta Late

By Kathy Buckworth “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!” said the White Rabbit in the children’s classic Alice in Wonderland. We can all picture the scurrying rabbit, holding his pocket watch, checking it frantically and zipping past … Read More

Family Is What You Make It

Families. Everyone has one, but these days, it’s looking less like The Cleavers and has evolved into a world of possibilities – could be a single Mom, single Dad, 2 Moms, or 2 Dads. Throw in a stay-at-home Dad, step-siblings, … Read More

Say YES to Yourself

By: Milissa Harding Is it easier for you to say YES to the needs of others than it is to say YES to yourself? Do you often find yourself making excuses for why you can’t do something that would be … Read More

Everything Old Is New Again

If you’re like me, one of the conversations you didn’t like listening to when you were younger, was the one that began….When I was Young I used to…..from your parents! Well lately I find I am saying that to my … Read More

Feelin’ good good good

By Katja Wulfers Throughout their 20s and even their 30s women expend a lot of energy living up to the ideals and images external forces impose on them. We let these forces mold us because of poor self-image, insecurity, or … Read More

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