Taking the Microblading Plunge…or Plume in this case.

So I tried microblading. Too much plucking and waxing over the years has thinned out my eyebrows and I look like a clown when I try to draw them in (or that is what my mortified teenager tells me ; )…what a difference!

Was I nervous YES – just the name of the procedure “MICROBLADING” is enough to scare anyone off, but trust me as a person with a very low pain threshold it was not bad at all. They should rename it to “BROW FEATHERING”…that sounds much more relaxing.

I went to Plume Microblading in Oakville in the heart of Kerr Village. (check out my before and after below)

The main reason I went to here was because I knew that the owner Bethany Davidson is an experienced medical aesthetician and micropigmentation artist with over 10 years experience in the industry! I am not going to let just ANYONE touch my face….and neither should you so PLEASE make sure that who you go to has these credentials.

Sure you can go to your local nail or laser place but they will not be using hi end pigments or the proper sterilized equipment, nor will they have the medical background.

The procedure is a 2-step process. I have gone once and will return in 8 weeks for my “touch-up”.

It isn’t a cheap procedure – but it really does OPEN YOUR EYES and makes life a hell of a lot easier when putting “your face” on in the morning….I find I just look more awake.

Below are my before and afters, wish I took the time to put some make-up on that morning…ha ha oh well!



About the owner of Plume Microblading:

Bethany Davidson – Medical Aesthetician, Skincare Specialist & Micropigmentation Artist

Bethany Davidson is an experienced medical aesthetician and micropigmentation artist with over 10 years experience in the industry. Since graduating her medical aesthetics program with honours in 2007, she has been the lead medical aesthetician and skincare expert at Oakville Plastic Surgery.

Safety and patient care are always her top priority. Bethany is also a Brow Babe Certified Microblading technician having completed her microblading training in British Columbia with the accomplished Rachel Chandler.

Bethany is an established visual artist with clients from Canada and the United States. This artistic edge gives her an unmatched eye for proportion, shape and colour to achieve realistic looking results.

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