The Art of Netflix Persuasion

Ever get that excited feeling about a new show you just discovered and you want to binge-watch it, but don’t want to always watch it alone, and you want to share the excitement so you try to talk your family into watching it as well? Yeah – that. I had that with Mindy Project – a couple years back. I LOVED that show – giggled and laughed through every episode, couldn’t wait to watch it – but do you think my hubby would go for it – NO way!   But perhaps I just wasn’t convincing enough….actually, I did convince him to watch one episode but his reaction wasn’t like mine and after watching an episode with him I realized I’d rather watch it alone and enjoy. But that’s not true of other shows –

Maybe the perfect couch partner is just one persuasive conversation away. Chances are you’ve already heard every excuse in the book from them-  I’m too old for cartoons (from your kids), I don’t like scary shows, That movie is for little kids. However when it comes to the excuses they may bring to the table, no one beats Mom and Dad when it comes to the power of (entertainment) persuasion.  I know my kids always have their own opinion of what they want to watch and it comes down to me persuading everyone before we agree.  Ok, sometimes bribery is involved!

Netflix has come up with the solution to get those hard to persuade people to watch with you – be it your kids, your significant other or your parents – Netflix came up with the following prompts to help give you the ultimate show description guaranteed to end in quality family time.

Want to get the whole family on board to find some new dinner ideas? See below:

Trying to convince your daughter to watch Rogue One with you:

Good luck with your persuading and Happy Streaming!

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