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Pour a glass of wine and let’s talk…..vaginas!?!
Let’s face it – as women there isn’t a lot we don’t talk about. Get together for a girls night and the conversation starts – a glass of wine or two later, we talk about even more. Women don’t hold back – we chat about our husbands, families, friends, sex lives, weight issues- basically you name it, as women we talk about it. But when’s the last time you were with your girlfriends and talked about your vagina – yes, you read that right – your vagina.

Balance My Life was recently given the opportunity to talk to Dr. Marla Shapiro who is currently working alongside RepHresh to help women be more open about vaginal health.

It was a real honour to speak with Dr. Shapiro. If you aren’t familiar with her she is the author of Bestselling book, Life in the Balance: My Journey with Breast Cancer. She was named a Member of the Order of Canada for her contributions as a family physician in 2015 and also in 2015 she was chosen in the top 10 of the most 50 powerful doctors in Canada by the Medical Post. She is currently the President of the North American Menopause Society and can often be seen on television providing medical information on news stories.

Dr. Shapiro explained to us that she is working with RepHresh to get women feeling comfortable and confident to talk about vaginal health and to realize when they do have a problem. We began by discussing vaginal odour. She advised that most women automatically assume that they have a problem if they smell an odour coming from their vagina, but in reality, this odour is their own scent, and most women have one and it’s very common, yet just not discussed. She said it’s so common for it to always be associated with a vaginal infection, but that isn’t the case. She explained if the odour changes, or develops a fishy smell, that could signify an infection and that is when treatment should be sought. She said typically the odour signifies an inbalance in pH Levels, and that the proper pH level should be 3.5-4.5%. She further explained that the pH level is constantly changing due to hormones, diet, exercise, sexual activity, menstruation, etc.

Dr. Shapiro stressed the importance of awareness – women needing to be in tune with their own bodies.

Along with vaginal odour, yeast infections are also very common among women, they can be caused by a number of lifestyle habits, such as diet, exercise, week immune system, sexual activity or the use of antibiotics.
We discussed two different products with Dr. Shapiro. Both are produced by RepHresh and are available as over-the-counter treatment options.

The first product is a Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement, which is the newer product. It helps to balance yeast and bacteria to help maintain feminine health. Since bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are both often caused by an excess of harmful bacteria in the vagina, it’s important to find ways to support vaginal flora (good bacteria). Clinical studies prove it introduces healthy flora to help maintain proper vaginal balance – and when taken with antibiotics, it can help treat bacterial vaginosis.
You can read more about yeast infections here:

The second product is a pH Balancing Gel, that works with your body naturally to maintain a healthy vaginal pH. It helps fight vaginal odour and is clinically shown as pH balanced for vaginal use to help eliminate feminine odour. To use this product, you insert a pre-filled applicator directly into the vagina – much like a tampon Dr. Shapiro explained. It contains a mess-free, clear gel that clings to the vaginal walls, and one application lasts for 3 days. You reapply as needed.

Dr. Shapiro stressed to us that as women it’s important we open the lines of communication about our vaginal health and not be afraid to ask a doctor where concerned. She stressed that vaginal odour does not mean dirty – as women we need to learn that and learn what the odour is and when to get help. We asked her about the proper way to clean your vagina and she said it should be cleaned like you clean the rest of your body – with soap and water.

Dr. Shapiro advised to see your own medical practitioner if you are concerned or are unsure whether you have a problem or whether you should use an over-the-counter product like RepHresh.

Before finishing our interview, we asked Dr. Shapiro how she finds balance in her own busy life. She defined Balance as doing what you love, with those you want to be with. She said she uses mindfulness – we need to give ourselves permission to do what you want to do. She says she prioritizes and uses mindfulness to be in the moment of what she is doing at that time – be it a family commitment, professional commitment or something else.

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*This is a sponsored post- we are not medical professionals and we encourage you to speak to your own medical provider if you want information regarding anything mentioned in this post.

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